Elegiac - Spiritual Turmoil

by Elegiac



all music and lyrics written by zane young
recorded at sacrificial sounds studios
san diego california



released January 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Sacrificial Sounds Portland, Oregon

Black Metal Label and Studio located in Portland , OR.
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Track Name: Inhaling the Dust of Shattered Planets
inhaling the dust of shattered planets
with no meaning, no significance
self worth imagined
self importance false
wander endlessly
the chaos realm
in perpetual motion
absorbing dark energy
waiting to be removed
by natures fury
in search of balance
and any gateway to transcend the flesh...

in death and sleep
we drift away
to realms unknown
a vast canvas...
at one with death
the true liberator
of our species...

inhaling the dust of shattered planets
Track Name: Sword of Hate
crystal clear
the raging battle of life persists
sword of hate
deep in the flesh
of every man who fears a god
silver sword of hate
vanquish the weak
those unworthy of existence
through force we will conquer
those who wish us dead
ignorant and weak
nothing more than sheep
only the strong shall see tomorrow...

shells of men
carrying the weight
of false gods...
hang your heads, pigs of god
and be vanquished by the black flame
of true death...

the shining sword of hatred...
the silver sword of hatred...
Track Name: The Fires of Fury and Pride
light the fires of fury
light the fires of pride
let nothing stand between
you and your intuitions...
heretic wrath
fuels my soul
conjure the flames
of wisdom...

light the fires of fury...
light the fires of pride...
Track Name: Heart of the Dragon
reign from the heavens
into the blackest night
the black dragon
of eternal hate
leader of the heathen hordes
filled with rampant burning pride
the black heart of the dragon
fueling the flames inside...

guardian of chaos
light my way
place fate on the side
of those destined to survive
the heathen man shall reign supreme
the most dangerous species
to ever walk the earth
follow the flight of the dragon
and herd the sheep
toward imminent death
Track Name: Spiritual Turmoil
deep within
the bottomless pit
of spiritual turmoil
blood covers
my trembling hands
the end draws closer
slow cancerous death
the mystery of darkness
shines like gold...
sacrifice flesh and blood
if you want freedom
death to those
who refuse to fight
crawl beneath the shroud
of the night sky
shield against the light
shaded by the fog
embrace the sound of the sea
and the smell of the burning trees
death is waiting endlessly
the depths beckon for me...
Track Name: Rats
stone by stone
tearing down
the kingdom
of the cross...

relentless heathen assault
against the Abrahamic invasion
of tainted faith
and tainted culture

blind are the rats of god
flawed neurology
genetic inefficiency...
black hearts rise
and defend yourselves
against your enemies

those led astray
by metaphysical fallacies
numb to the endless scope
of human potential
numb to the potential
of the mind...

stone by stone
tearing down
the kingdom
of the cross...
Track Name: Winds of Destruction
fragile minds will shatter
fragile bones will break
riding forever
the winds of destruction
the falling ice
like shards of glass
raining down...

erase our past
the burden of life
to finally rest
my fucking eyes
forever silent
in the black abyss...

ride the edge of sanity
into the night
and emerge stronger with each dawn...
Track Name: Self Worship of the Flesh (Outro)
self worship of the flesh...